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Humble Student Of The Markets: October 2021

Finally, the value investor, who you assumed had valued the company and was pushing for the price/value gap to close, may be more trader than investor, quick to give up, if the the boutique moves in the wrong direction. While the margin of safety has always been around, in one form or another, in investing, it was Ben Graham who brought the term into value investing in The Intelligent Investor, when he argued that the secret of sound investment is to have a margin of safety, with the margin of safety defined as the difference between the value of an asset and its price. Human Genome Sciences Inc. (HGSI) – HGSI is expected to release key Lupus Drug data called BLISS-52 on Monday – July 20th. Keep an eye on this situation, could be a huge mover one way or the other based on the results. Valuation Basis: While MOS is often defined it as the difference between value and price, the way in which investors estimate value varies widely. In my last post on dealing with uncertainty, I brought up the margin of safety, the tool that many value investors claim to use to protect themselves against uncertainty.


6) A “pop-up” store wants to use vacated space at a shopping mall to sell seasonal merchandise during the months of October, November and December. By holding back on making investment decisions (buy or sell) until you feel that you have a margin of safety, they argue that you improve your odds of making successful investments. Confirmation bias: It is a well-established fact that investors look for evidence that confirms decisions that they have already made and ignore evidence that contradicts it and big name investors feed into this bias. While it does look like Icahn’s sale had a negative effect (albeit mild) and Berkshire’s buy had a positive effect (almost as mild), I plan to use the framework of the last section to assess each of these investors and gauge how it should affect my thinking about the stock. Only 6% stated that they would decrease their use of automated trading strategies. FAS is now trading above the 10 day moving average located at $21.61. The good news is that the greatest value investor of this generation now considers Apple to be a value stock.


In this case, though, I agree with his assessment that Apple is a mature company, with enough cash flows to cover dividends for a generation. What does that tell you about Apple stock? Well after I unloaded at 9.49am, the stock went into a still mode of inactivity at 0.051/0.052 which I avoid a reaction and allows me to focus on other stocks. The correlations shown on the bottom panel are better, but they are still very unstable, and correlations were not negative when or after buy and sell signals. It does color how I viewed Icahn’s investment in Apple in January 2014, his push at Apple for more dividends and more debt during his days as a Apple investor and his decision to sell his holdings on April 2016. I was already an investor in Apple in January 2014, when Icahn bought his shares, and while I did not view his decision to buy the shares as vindication of my valuation, I welcomed him to the shareholder ranks both because Apple was badly in need of a momentum shift and Icahn was playing both an activist and a catalyst role.